a senior on the job, and Tarou’s longterm gf. She rapidly befriends Narumi after mastering that the young lady is a Yaoi Fangirl.

a senior on the job, and Tarou’s longterm gf. She rapidly befriends Narumi after mastering that the young lady is a Yaoi Fangirl.

Caring Nickname “Hana” from Narumi.

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  • Ambiguously Bi: much like Narumi, she is at this time internet dating Kabakura and is also an enthusiastic Yaoi Fangirl, but she likewise has too much fun teasing Narumi and she claims the lady earliest enjoy was actually actress Yuki Amami , who played male parts within the Takarazuka Revue for almost 10 years.
  • Animal Motifs: Snakes. Whenever Hanako is located at this lady angriest, she is attracted with snake sight, a lengthy forked tongue, or both.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: this lady main passion is actually cosplaying as male characters, and she seems excellent whenever she does it, to the point that this lady has a sizeable level of fangirls (such as Narumi).
  • Cannot Hold the lady Liquor: Hanako was an amazing light-weight, and a few beers is enough on her behalf to rant incoherently and stumble best and left. Hilarity frequently ensues.
  • Color-Coded Figures: Green. Its the woman hair colors plus it turns up inside her garments.
  • Magnificent gigantic Sis: To Narumi, despite their age difference getting only a year roughly Hanako is actually an elder at the office and is also mentioned to be self-confident and great at her work.
  • Cosplay Otaku woman: the lady many obvious otaku passion are cosplaying male characters, and she actually is racked up a not-insignificant fanbase this.
  • Happily committed: She ultimately ties the knot with Kabakura in volume 9, after getting engaged in levels 7 .
  • Has a sort: loves Prince Charming-type boys and considers Hirotaka a beneficial capture, but she is with Kabakura, who’s harsher round the border.
  • High-School Sweethearts: She and Kabakura are internet dating given that they are in highschool. The trope is completely knew after Kabakura offers to their and so they afterwards see partnered.
  • Insecure like Interest: A drunken rant shows that she is vulnerable about not Kabakura’s normal sort and stresses which he’s just with the woman because it’s convenient for him. He is rapid to create the lady right.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Downplayed, but their self assured characteristics and curvier figure means she gets extra fanservice scenes than Narumi.
  • Stifled Mammaries: In-Universe, she flattens their chest whenever cosplaying. Since she is most well-endowed and typically cosplays as male characters, it is confirmed that she’d must do this in order to convincingly pull-off the lady outfits. Narumi are amazed whenever Hanako very first shows it, requiring to understand where this lady tits moved.
  • Nutritious Crossdresser: Koyanagi was a cosplay otaku which convincingly dresses as good-looking younger dudes, so much so it’s nigh impossible to determine she’s a lady along with the woman vocals while crossdressing.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: To a lesser level than Narumi, but she also indulges in BL and is also not compared in the slightest to Hirotaka posing suggestively with Tarou.
  • You Gotta posses azure locks: A rare case of olive-green.
  • a senior at the office and Hanako’s longterm boyfriend. Largely a manga and online game otaku, although he’s not as intensive regarding it since various other main figures.

    • Color-Coded Figures: Orange. This is the colour of their locks and his awesome costumes are reddish/brown to compliment they.
    • Insane Jealous man: Taro doesn’t fancy individuals hoping to get together with girlfriend (though barely any individual knows they can be in a connection).
    • Face of a Thug: the guy can need an frowny expression on their face and he breaks into fury blood vessels when he’s specially ticked down. Group think the guy usually has a tremendously scary term normally.
    • Fiery girl with red hair: Brash and relatively rapid to anger to go with their orange tresses.
    • Has actually a sort: in accordance with Hanako, their genuine means was sweeter women like Narumi or Ranka Lee. However, he’s dating Hanako, who is rather not even close to said archetype.
    • Heroes want Swords: was a swordsman within the MMORPG the cast plays. Narumi lampshades this suits their personality.
    • High-School Sweethearts: the guy and Koyanagi currently matchmaking because they are in high school. The trope are totally understood after the guy proposes to Koyanagi and additionally they later on become married.
    • Recognised incorrectly as Romance: Upon basic fulfilling Naoya, the guy mindful dating sites and Hanako leap for the realization that Naoya and Narumi were exes. After, the guy will continue to envision Naoya possess intimate design on Narumi until Naoya reveals himself become a Shipper on platform for Narumi along with his bro.
    • Tsundere: he is gruff and becomes crazy easily, but the guy always implies better and is fast for ashamed.
    • Whenever She grins: their Face of a Thug daily permits their laugh to be disarming, particularly towards Hanako.

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