Durex Healthy Love: No Joke? The greatest adolescent maternity speed of every EU country.

Durex Healthy Love: No Joke? The greatest adolescent maternity speed of every EU country.


As market frontrunner, Durex had been disproportionately impacted by a worrying two-year decrease in condom marketing in Romania. We were tasked to reverse this, giving a 6per cent rise in Durex earnings (450K condoms).

It was essential that Durex had the niche shift, targeting a boost in Brand Attribution of 5per cent.


In 2019, younger age group in Romania was at the grasp of a reproductive health situation;

  • The top child pregnancy rate of any EU land
  • Top locations in Europe for STIs, with over 5% belonging to the people afflicted

Despite condoms creating greater submission (store, pharmacies an internet-based) and unmissable type marketing on TV and digital, this wasn’t converting into action. Two-thirds of Romanians (67percent) claimed the two knew about contraceptive means, but didn’t employ them. The thing that was taking place?

The clear answer is based on Romania’s Soviet past; the communist regime embedded a very old-fashioned perspective of sexual relationships that is still even today. Gender outside of relationship is definitely frowned-upon, with abstinence thought about the choice.

Due to this, Romania is one of just eight EU representative countries without a reproductive health knowledge technique; young adult Romanians merely don’t receive the info they need regarding the incredible importance of secure intercourse, nor get an apparent community forum for discussing this issue.

In fact, for 56per cent of 18-34-year olds, their primary approach talking about intercourse am through fooling with close friends, but at present safety gotn’t a topic.

Quality might not look the obvious location to create a communication about protected sexual intercourse, but political / societal humor (anekdoty) have a strong background in ex-Soviet nations to be a problem management method during repression; a crucial type societal comments and interaction. As a way for the safe and secure love-making content to resonate with more youthful consumers, you must be in on the joke.


We were at first briefed to produce a “traditional” strategy, using the worldwide TVC & Digital assets, that have been dedicated to scaled brand name awareness, and thought that youth already knew the need for protected intercourse.

With the Romanian-specific personal perspective, we all realized this couldn’t be sufficient to overturn the sales drop. As being the type chief, Durex required to test new things that will deal with the training difference, and normalise discussions about condoms.

Most people proposed a bold manner of genuinely take part our very own crowd, and stay Durex aside:

  • Target influencers with a funny credentials, leveraging anekdoty to deliver safer gender messages through quality.
  • Add physical happenings in the center regarding the venture in order to maintain the personal / conversational traits of sex-related joking amongst youths.
  • Bring clientele the various tools to produce safe and secure sexual intercourse a part of his or her everyday laugh telecommunications beyond the lifespan from the central activations.

Most people determined funny shows as being the great station for our message as 25% in our focus leave the house at least once/week, over sixty percent of adults prefer comedies to your some other category and 40per cent follow comedians on social media optimisation. At these happenings, we’d have got the company’s undivided attention, and a medium through which they would staying extremely receptive to emails about condoms.

To ensure attendees really decided a part of a natural discussion, humor is in “improv” format, just where comedians see pointers through the crowd, and have now to construct humorous answers right away. This could just do the job if your answers had been genuine and real human, and Durex bravely decided the comedians possess complete creative licenses being because excessive because they wish.

In order to really see range, the queries and answers would next become evolved into bite-size videos, ideal for use within cultural posting.


We all combined with “Ceva Marunt & Una Scurta”, an improv collection who happen to be greatly favored by small Romanians (number 1 roast video clip of 2019) to aid their extravagant, no-limits comedy type, to develop a 16-city drama trip. Tour stresses happened to be turned into short-form movies to reveal a wider target audience to the irreverent have the industry of safer sex.

The concert tour was actually mocked across cultural, using media much precisely what guests could assume at the competition. This became earlier quality became used by a brand name for these types of dating puerto rico woman a sensitive subject in your area, and in addition we required a beneficial party. Fortunately, the content would be incredibly well-received, with tickets promoting down almost immediately; the truth is, interest was actually so expensive that four further concerts happened to be combined with key cities.

The funny displays on their own were the key highlight, giving both a honest and funny dialogue about safer sex, and incredibly reliable media for people who hadn’t been able to rank ticket. To showcase activity not to mention debate, every attendee was given a free of charge Durex Slimfit condom.

Dependable movies comprise designed every associated with five members of la Scurta, and made use of as friendly promotion, electronic wealth and for in store offers.

Or remunerated submission, the written content ended up being housed on a separate area of the Durex webpages, which only received humor on the subject of risk-free sex, also instructional content material from comedians, aiding people to select the right Slimfit merchandise in their eyes.

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