You get friendship points for talking with villagers at celebrations,

You get friendship points for talking with villagers at celebrations,

just like any non-festival day. Three festivals have special issues on friendship points with villagers:

  • The rose party improves friendship 250 information (one center) together with your party mate, unless the mate was closed at eight minds before you start.
  • The Luau increases or lower friendship guidelines with a lot of villagers (all except Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, additionally the Dwarf).
  • The present your key pal on banquet of winter season Superstar is definitely worth 5x the typical quantity of friendship information.

On top of that, giving gifts to villagers on Night marketplace will increase relationship using them, in the same way since it do outside of festivals.

Bulletin Board Packages

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Completing all Bulletin panel packages enhances the pro’s friendship standing with non-datable villagers by two minds (500 information). Keep in mind that this applies merely to non-datable villagers whom you need met physically. Villagers who do maybe not reveal about “Social” case from the user eating plan and villagers whose names come as “. ” will not receive 500 information.

Note that there is no need in order to comprehend Dwarvish the Dwarf to receive 500 quickflirt dynamics things. In comparison, you do have to appreciate Dwarvish for merchandise to upset friendship aided by the Dwarf.

Universal Presents

Listed here are lists of items that is universally adored, preferred, considered natural, disliked, or hated. Note that there are a few exceptions and that specific villager tastes override any common tastes. Choice for Eggs, milk products, fresh fruit, and most Foraged stuff differ by villager, and tend to be perhaps not right here.

Remember that Dinosaur Eggs are thought items and never Eggs for gifting purposes.

Common Really Likes

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It is a summary of items which nearly every villager loves to get as a present. These materials are going to allow the the majority of guidelines (80) towards your relationship, but are tough to get.

When offered a loved gift, villagers frequently respond with a center dialogue ripple.

  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Wonders Stone Chocolate
  • Pearl
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rabbit’s Foot

Universal really loves exceptions

  • Haley hates Prismatic Shard.
  • Cent hates Rabbit’s Foot.

Common Wants

Though really worth fewer relationship guidelines than a liked surprise, a liked gift increase relationship by 45 information (only over 1 / 2 regarding a liked present) and it is frequently simpler to obtain.

  • All Artisan products (excluding oils that’s widely disliked; and gap Mayonnaise and is widely hated.)
  • All preparing (Except for Fried Egg and breads, which have been widely neutral; and peculiar Bun and Seafoam dessert which are universally hated.)
    • Observe that lots of dishes has villager-specific exceptions.
  • All flora (Except for Poppy, that’s universally hated.)
  • All Foraged nutrients (Except Quartz, which varies by villager.)
  • All fruit-tree fruit (Except Banana & Mango, which heed villager-specific preferences for non-Fruit-Tree fruits.)
  • All jewels (Except Prismatic Shard basically universally loved.)
  • All Vegetables (like Fiddlehead Fern, but excluding Hops, Tea Leaves and Wheat that are universally basic, and Unmilled Rice basically widely disliked.)
  • Lifestyle Elixir
  • Maple Syrup

Universal loves exceptions

Below was an Expandable dining table of most common loves exceptions, indexed by Villager. (read additionally: listing of All gift suggestions)

Check out the Thesaurus for much more

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